Monday, June 3, 2013

Rihanna allegedly got the word ‘Breezy,’ Chris’ nickname, tattooed someplace on her body, symbolizing that she and Chris are an official couple. Keep reading for all the details!

Not only are Rihanna and Chris Brown addicted to each other, they’re also addicted to tattoos and according to one report, the Barbadian beauty got the word “Breezy” tattooed someplace on her body.

“She got it to symbolize her commitment to him,” a source told The Sun. “Now the world knows they’re back together, they’re determined to make it work.”
If this report pans out, RiRi will have 19 tattoos.
Rihanna revealed her 18th tattoo in September, which is an image of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, whose empowered feminine image signifies rebirth. Rihanna later said that her large chest tattoo was dedicated to her late grandmother, Clara “Dolly”

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