Saturday, December 27, 2014

This artwork represents three aspects of 'self', in this case, myself. The centre character being the main 'me', the self image with which we generally identify. On the left is the dark, dangerous, ego driven male dominated side, and on the right is the warm, and yet potentially destructive (like fire) female aspect.

I love the idea of creating these types of alter ego designs for someone looking to get a unique tattoo that very much describes who they really are, deep down inside. Each individual has his or her unique vision of what makes them tick, after all....

This style of artwork draws heavily on ancient Mayan and Aztec designs, as well as Egyptian. A lot of the really fine tattoo art work I see in the world today, I feel is a modern day reflection of the ancient culture's 'spirit' art.....Something sadly missing in much of our so called 'culture' today. I feel as a culture, as a race, Western man has lost his roots, and tattooing is a profound and meaningful way of connecting with our ancient tribal roots.

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